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Installing an HID headlights kit on a 2014 Nissan Altima

Okay today we’re doing stemming age of the lights on the 2014 Nissan Altima headlights. Picked up about a month ago and so far nobody has been able to. Tell me exactly how to do it so I went ahead and started going through it even needs and tells you not to mess with it. Just take it to the US have been as you can see here this. Those are the 6000K. White and if you compare it to the driver’s side. Really tell the. The actual white. A bluish white. Yeah I wish there. I mean the insulation is really. Simple you know you cannot find it on the owners manual. That I can do the owners mail tells you to go to Nissan dealership to get it done. Into charges I things like 2 or 3:00 hours with the label I mean it’s just. Crazy so what you got till.

2014 nissan altima headlightsIt’s Here they laid there is no way as you can see from the hood to get to it as a whole this year so feel. There’s even he’s felt for these. Installation panel. So you can take them off there’s only like about 6 clips here on the side there and then a couple there in the air as well. You take that off you take the wheel off. Once you take the wheel off you gonna see that they’re gonna be some. Pants like the ones back here 2014 Nissan Altima headlights. Because Abby another one here in the upper side. And then I think I can see others what kids say about actually out. That when they are put back in. And they’re going to be 3. Crews right underneath the car. Right about there. There and. They’re about the time. What you think love and the spin off.

Because they come up with a flat head screwdriver. This pulpit will pull back. I get up fast. That’s what it on these past years that. Which is what we already have. So you pull of you don’t have to take a hope and a lot. Just take these beings off and you know pull the fort worth backers. You can see the panel even have these. Create here. We can call that. Once you follow that. You’ll find out that much right about here a steel beam headlight. IBM is going to be a little further and. And not to it we just go to the low beams. With the HIV is on sees going to disconnect the panel. There. Here’s a look now. People the level of you know make sure that you don’t touch it with your bare hands. And. 3 years in your lights. They’re going to apply here. Was gonna go up by a quarter that right. For the level of all make sure you don’t touch the glass with your bare hands but you’ll mess up the ball. Nothing anyone. Put a man who knows the full employment you there. Packets there.

And make sure that you look at that 3 favs. See which one evolve came out there’s one that is bigger than. But I can. Yeah we didn’t have one. See. Well. Once you put a band. The truth about sideways. You guys are connecting your cables. If you have a complex the factory cable that’s gonna plug with the new wire harness. Into this court here. One going to go to your factory headlights which is. The female. The male is going to flock to the balance of the adjudicator. And this one ‘s gonna flex your meal it should be liable which were the male I mail you can really there’s not a way to make them up. You wanna make sure that the ballot he’s plug Maine in a place where it’s not gonna burn anything if it gives the lie harmonies or any other connectors so if they were gonna go right behind here there’s nothing. And we just about you know sit tight and make sure that it’s really tight. As there is no place to gonna put on hold on I’m really going to drilling holes into the car. Alright so if we get that on we’ll come back and show you how it looks.